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Seaford… a small town in East Sussex, on England's south coast. The twin sisters Carolyn and Carina Harris are born here in the early sixties.
From the beginning of their childhood, quiet Carolyn is overshadowed by her selfish sister, who is smothered with love by their mother. Carolyn feels unloved and rebuffed.
The mother's unfairness, the sister's malicious humiliations and the father's ignorance cause childish jealousy to grow into bitter hatred.
When Carolyn falls in love with Ben, scheming Carina makes plans to destroy the tender love affair. This leads to a fatal confrontation between the sisters and from then on Carolyn is tortured by horrendous nightmares every night.
Shortly thereafter a disaster happens, and Carolyn's nightmares become cruel reality…
When sisters become rivals ...
This captivating psychological family drama is about sibling conflicts, jealousy, hatred and deadly secrets, but also about love, romance and true friendship.
Do you love psychological suspense, drama and subtle thrill? Then the exciting story of the different twin sisters Carolyn and Carina is just right for you!



                “Dark, disturbing and incredibly captivating”
                “What a great debut. This book is definitely a reading highlight for me this year. "
                “Touching and   moving, full of empathy - with a continuous thrill”
                “For me it was an absolutely successful debut that really captivated me. A reading highlight.
                "A really well-written and constructed thriller that won't let you go anytime soon!"
                “Chapeau to Edina Davis,

                how she can create such tension with her words that I almost took    my breath away ...”
                 “It was really a roller coaster of emotions.
The subject of bullying and psychological terror gets good evidence here. "